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Games that Can Build Children's Fine Motor Capabilities

In order to support the independence of the baby, the Little Motor's fine motor skills must be built and stimulated properly. Although impressed trivial, but this ability is needed for their growth and development. Fine motor skills are the ability to move limbs that involve nerves, bones, and muscles, to carry out certain activities. Most of these activities involve the fingers and toes. Some examples of fine motor skills that play a major role in children's independence are the ability to open doors, brush their teeth, wash their hands, paint or write, move their toes, and open and close buttons on their clothes. Types of Toys to Practice Children's Fine Motor Ability To get good fine motor skills, children must have strength, coordination, and the ability to move the muscles in their fingers and toes properly. A child's fine motor skills can begin to be trained when he is around 1-2 years old. The following are some types of games that can help children in dev
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Find out the Causes of Body Abnormalities with Biopsy

Biopsy is a medical procedure that is used to detect abnormalities in body tissue using a microscope. This procedure is performed by doctors to find out the shape of body tissues and diagnose certain diseases, such as cancer. To find out the cause of a disease, doctors can take samples of body tissue, such as skin, organs, or lumps in certain body parts. The sample is taken to the laboratory and then examined under a microscope, the point is to determine the condition of the abnormality specifically. With this technique, the doctor can determine a definitive diagnosis and can recommend the right type of treatment. The doctor who performs a biopsy is a specialist in pathology anatomy. Abnormalities Requiring Biopsy One of the abnormalities in the body that can be detected by biopsy is a lump suspected as a tumor, such as a lump in the breast and Kaposi's sarcoma. Biopsy can detect whether the lump is cancerous or caused by something else. Other medical conditions that can als

How to Moisturize Your Face with the Following Moisturizing Options

How to moisturize facial skin is important to know to prevent the face from looking dull and dry. Moisturizer or moisturizer is one of the choices of women as a way to moisturize dry skin. Come on, find out if the steps you take are correct or not. Cold air or frequent exposure to air conditioning directly often makes the face feel dry, rough, dull, or crusty. Moreover, if your skin type is classified as dry. Therefore, many people are trying to moisturize their skin. One way to moisturize facial skin is to use a moisturizer, aka facial moisturizer. Facial moisturizers act as protectors to keep skin hydrated and healthy, improve dry skin, protect sensitive skin, and improve skin color and texture. Want to know how to moisturize good facial skin? Pay attention to the steps below. Choose Moisturizers according to Facial Skin Type In order for skin care and moisturizer to work effectively, it is recommended to choose a facial moisturizer according to your skin type. In addition, by

Bad Mood Oh Bad Mood, Why You Must Be There

Bad mood can strike anyone and at any time. This unpleasant mood change can interfere with activity, concentration, to work productivity. Relations between people are threatened in disarray. To be cheerful again, you can overcome bad mood in a number of ways. Life is not always fun. Sometimes there are certain phases and conditions that make a mood chaotic. And when a bad mood strikes, you tend to become irritable, indistinct, and even moody throughout the day. So that you don't keep chanting all day, try to get rid of the following bad moods. Causes of Bad Mood Bad mood problems regardless of age. Starting from a big new child (ABG) to adults must have experienced it. At puberty, mood swings are prone to occur. In this phase, the body begins to produce sexual hormones, namely the hormone testosterone in men and the hormones progesterone and estrogen in women. These hormones can cause significant changes in adolescents, both physical and emotional changes. Not only teens, a

This is serious, take good care of the health of blood vessels

Blood vessels are part of the circulation system in the human body. Blood vessels are like a tube in which blood flows from the heart to the whole body and from the whole body to the heart. If there are problems with the blood vessels, then it is very likely that there will be health problems. Besides having an important role in blood transportation, blood vessels also contribute to blood pressure control. It's just that controlling blood pressure is not only done by blood vessels, but also supported by a work system that includes signals from the brain and nervous system, hormones, and the natural response of blood vessels. Recognizing Types of Blood Vessels Blood vessels consist of five main types. The following are the types of blood vessels and their normal function: Veins That is a vein that carries blood to the heart. Veins have valves that function to stop the blood from flowing away from the heart. Venous vessels Is a collection of capillaries that unite.

How to Moisturize the Lips Right

When lips feel dry, we often lick the lips to wet it. But, this method can worsen the condition of dry lips. For that, know how to moisturize the right lips. Dry lips can be caused by various factors, such as weather, sunlight, and dry air. Lips are very often exposed by various factors from the environment, but do not have oil glands to protect it. In addition, lack of drinking water can also make lips dry. Given the many things that can cause dry lips, it is very important to understand the correct way to moisturize lips. How to Moisturize Lips Some people think licking lips is the most practical way to help moisturize it. But in fact, after the saliva dries, it will reduce the moisture on the lips. The result, the lips will become drier. Here are some ways to moisturize your lips properly: Maintain adequate body fluids The condition of dry and chapped lips becomes one of the signs that you are dehydrated. Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. If necessary, use a

How Important is Crawling in Babies

Crawling is one of the important stages in a baby's development that needs attention. Because crawling is the baby's initial step in developing his ability to move independently. Generally, babies will begin to learn to crawl a few months after he is able to roll. Crawling is an exercise that a baby needs to strengthen and prepare the muscles of the body for walking later. Understanding Crawling Function in Babies Usually the baby will start crawling when entering the age of 6-10 months. The baby will slowly learn to balance his hands and knees. Then he will move forward and backward, until finally at the age of one year, he was able to crawl into various corners of the house. Crawling is a unique experience to practice coordinating the movements of the baby's body, which later will help him in carrying out various more complex activities, such as eating, wearing clothes, walking, and exercising. Not only that, crawling can also train baby's visuospatial abilitie